Hyper Casual Game


Sep-Dec 2019


Animator(Unity), Sound Effects


Lam Kwan, Jian Shi, Yuankun Huang,Irene Sasaki


School Project

Game Overview

Push Masters is a console-based multi-player arcade game that focuses on pushing the required number of passengers into the trains within a set time limit. You can play with your friends working together in the cooperative mode or race them to fill your train first in the competitive mode.

Key Features

• Silly multiplayer fun all-around: Cooperative and competitive modes, both are chaotic and fun.

• Unique Pushers’ skills: Normal push sometimes is not enough, you have to use your skills to make those passengers move faster. Use that Punching Gun or throw those Banana Peels, play and find out more skills you can use!

• Push as many passengers as you can before the train departs!: Passengers slowly walk into the station, but they are not fast enough! Push them to go faster into the train.

Playable Characters(Pushers)

The game's main playable characters are friendly-looking Pushers. They have the same basic ability to push passengers around, being differentiated by colors. Besides having the same pushing ability, each Pusher can wield distinct special tools that enable them to push passengers in various ways (strength and range). Moreover, each pusher can push each other but cannot push players into the train.

NPCs (Passengers)

The game has a fun mixture of different non-playable characters (Fig. 2) to spice and add more excitement to the experience. All of them have different characteristics, such as speed, weight, and behaviors, in order to make the pusher's job more challenging and enjoyable.

Special Tools

Although all pushers can perform the simple push mechanic, each of them is able to use a unique special tool in-game.

Level Design

Each level of the game has its own different requirements (number of passengers that need to be pushed into trains within time-limit). The level starts as soon as the train's doors are opened. If the requirements aren't fulfilled, the players will have to replay the level.


In order to make the animation effects more fluent and natural, we decided to do the animation in Unity. the first step is to create bones that make up the character. The second step is to bind these bones to the sprite. The third step is to add IK(Inverse Kinematics)


We did some user tests according to artstyle, UI design, game mechanics. Based on the play test's feedback, some changes were made, mainly to address the issue that players couldn’t see and understand the connection between the mechanic and its effect in the gameplay. The passengers’ characteristics were also revised in order to guarantee a more appropriate and balanced gameplay experience.

Future Potentials

• Unlockables: Different types of pushers Additional special crazy tools New passengers

• Collectables: Exclusive Pusher's outfits for customization

• Minigames & Side Quests Finding specific passengers into the chaos Players working together to complete particular tasks

Team Pushers

Gameplay Video