Font Design

About Culture Integration


Jan 2018




Personal Project


This artwork is about culture integration. My inspiration came from Mahjong, one of the quintessence of China. Actually, I am a big fanof Sichuan Mahjong. The patterns on it do attract me, like wind, dots, bamboos and flowers, especially dots.

In fact, dots represent gunpowder which is one of the Four Great Inventions. In my view, circle is the symbol of perfect and it looks cute.

"PAC-MAN" is a world-wide famous maze arcade game(originated from Japan) represents foreign culture.


First I design some circular characters and then combine them with the "dot" pattern and "PAC-MAN" which could increase funny elements.


Product Modelling and Changing

First I use 3Ds MAX and KeyShot to model and render some objects, like disposable paper cups, house, mahjong, iron ball, clock and so on. Then import them into Photoshop and fit my circular characters into different kinds of products. Thus all of them are changed into another style. Here are some font renderings.