Ad Design


Jan-Mar 2021


Graphic Designer



Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest

Design Concept

My inspiration came from the company's ‘Voice & Tone’ Guideline, the ads should sound like the spoken voice of a trusted authority, simplicity and attraction.

Readable, not technical

Make sure all the text are prioritized logically and clearly. Do not be wordy or use too much terminology.

Iconic, eye-catching

Always put the FISPAN logo at the significant position, use the FISPAN dark blue for text and the CTA button should also be obvious.

Simple, Clear

The ads should fit into the FISPAN modern and simple brand style. Use some simple flourish to make it attractive, but not too strong.

Online Performance Improvement

These ads make a big step for rebranding and they perform very well after being published in March.

• Click-through rate (CTR): 2600% increase from February to March

• Cost Per Click (CPC): 79% decrease across display campaigns

• Conversions: 6 since the beginning of March


Final Design