FISPAN Website Redesign


Jan-Apr 2021


UI/UX Designer


Justin Liu



Design Concept

Following FISPAN's "Brand Voice & Tone" Guidelines, the new website speaks the voice of a trusted authority.

Informative, not technical

Feature pages that focus on FISPAN technical capabilities utilize custom illustrations of core features in combination with ERP or Banking systems. Where possible, pull out specific panels to create visual interest vs plain screenshots of technical systems.

Professional, not stuffy

Resource pages (Case Studies, Webinars, Whitepapers, etc.) where the goal of communicating expertise are structured in a more professional manner while maintaining a light and approachable feel.

Smart, not cocky

Blog and ad images reflect the quality of insights provided through FISPAN. Images are 'Modern, Fresh, Smart, Original, Professional, Confident’.

Design Elements

I designed two styles of icons which can be used in different situations and purposes. In addition, I also designed a new cover for FISPAN Whitepaper which fits into the new style.

Style 1: linear icons

Style 2: solic icons

New Whitepaper Cover Design

Final Design